How To Use

Payment and Downloading


Step 1: Buy and pay for an audio guide

  • Go to the page of your chosen audio guide(s)
  • Click on "Buy Now" on the right hand side just below the picture
  • Click on "Make Payment" . Note that you can change the currency by just clicking on the signs at the top right of the page.
  • If you do not have an account then click on "Create my Account" and complete the forms otherwise fill in the relevant details and click the Log In box


Step 2: Payment

  • Confirm the billing details and click on Next
  • Tick the box if you accept the Terms and Condition that are set out on a separate page
  • Click on "Place Order"
  • Fill in the payment form and "Submit Transaction"


Step 3: Download

  • Click on "Download Now" unless you need help in which case there is a link to the FAQ page
  • It takes about 2 minutes to download the Zip file onto your desktop or to be saved in the appropriate file on your PC
  • You will need to extract (Unzip) all of the files from the Zip file folder(s) you downloaded. You can do this by right clicking on the zipped folder and selecting "extract all files". You can do this with a programme called Winzip that is on most computers or you can download the latest version for free at
  • When the files have been extracted (unzipped) there will be a separate folder for each track that can be dragged and dropped into iTunes or another audio player for transferring onto your MP3 player
  • Sometimes the tracks can download in the wrong order ans so make sure that they are in the right order by clicking at the top of the column
  • The map is downloaded by clicking on the "Map Preview" box


Using the Audio Guides

The audio guides are divided into tracks and once you have loaded the mp3 guide onto your MP3 player it's very simple.

In the walks:

Track 1 tells you how the mp3 guide works.

Track 2 tells you how to get to the start.

Track 3 begins at the starting point and your guide tells you about the sights around you.

Each of the subsequent tracks begins with very simple directions to the next place. You then press pause while you walk to that place.

You press play when you arrive and we will tell you about what you can see around you and so on for each chapter...

If you happen to lose your way then go to the beginning of a track and you will be given the name of the stopping place with clear directions to it.

In the guides, each track has a short title with the name of a place or a topic and you click the one that you want to listen to.

The map

On each page you can download our unique map by clicking on the picture of the map underneath the "View Preview" box.

The map marks all the places mentioned in the guide or walk.

Although the directions on the walks are very clear it is worth printing the map off and taking it with you since it shows exactly the location of the start and finish and of each stopping place.


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