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Places of Interest

The map shows the location of a selection of the places of special interest which are featured in the StrollOn MP3 Audio Guides.

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The metro and Montmartre

The history of Montmartre

Amelie’s Cafe

A café surrounded by food shops

Anatomy amphitheatre

The university and Sarah Bernhardt

The Eiffel Tower

The symbol of Paris

Place Emile Goudeau

Many of France’s greatest artists lived and painted here.

Auberge du Bonne Franquette

The artists’ inn

La Galette windmill

The last of the windmills on Montmartre

Van Gogh’s house

The home of a great but depressed painter

The Jewish Memorial

A moving memorial

Palais de Justice

The Napoleonic Code

Place Louis Lépine

The metro, the flowers and the hospital

Rue Lepic with Amelie’s cafe

Cafés, shops and the croissant

Jim Morrison’s Grave

The closing of the Doors

Musee du Moyen Ages

Tapestries, jewels and the Roman Baths

The Roman baths

The Roman tubs

Place du Tertre

A place for pate and pictures.

Arc de Triomphe

The symbol of Victory

Montmartre vineyard

Wine and a drunken donkey

Place des Vosges

A noble peaceful square

Getting Started

Take a look at our beginners guide to using Walks in Cities.


Take a look at our beginners guide to using Walks in Cities.

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