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West End

The map below shows the location of selected chapters from StrollOn's MP3 Audio Guides within the West End locality.

The GREEN markers are chapters featuring theatres and concert halls.
The PURPLE markers are chapters featuring churches and cathedrals.
The RED markers are chapters featuring museums and art galleries.

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Carnaby Street

Shops, Beatles, bands and the swinging sixties.

Chandos Place

The haunt of highwaymen

China Town

Food and entertainment from the East.

Cleopatras Needle

Egypt on the Thames.

Covent Garden

Shops, jugglers, coffee and the first bordellos.

Frith Street in Soho

A taste of Soho

Leicester Square

The centre of Theatreland

Moss Bros

Where did you get that suit sir? The history of hiring.

Royal Opera House

One of the finest opera houses in the world

The statue of Oscar Wilde

A smiling Irishman

St Paul’s Church Covent Garden

The superstars of entertainment standing in a garden.

Raymond Revue Bar

The titillating Soho nightclub

Soho Square

A peaceful square in the West End

Theatre Royal Drury Lane

The oldest theatre in London

Getting Started

Take a look at our beginners guide to using Walks in Cities.


Take a look at our beginners guide to using Walks in Cities.

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