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Time to go digital

It was over four years ago when we first saw the potential for travel to go digital; we’re now one of the top new media companies producing mp3 audio guides for city travellers, covering in depth top destinations such as Amsterdam, London, Paris, Prague and Venice. Put simply, we provide you with the ultimate city soundtrack...

Why choose audio?

Guidebooks have long been the best solution to planning and enjoying a day out, weekend or vacation in a city that you don’t know, but things have changed.

Although guidebooks cover the underlying history, culture and heritage of the surrounding streets and neighbourhoods, you’ve got to do the work - you’ve got to do the reading. We believe that you've got to be free to get the most out of a city break; free to effortlessly take in all the sights and attractions as you pass them. MP3 audio guides let you do exactly this, experiencing the city as you explore, hands free and head up.

From local guides to mp3 city guides

Over the past 18 months we’ve been building up a professional travel network of freelance journalists and local tourist guides across Europe’s best and most popular cities. Turning their prose into top quality audio content has been the job of our editor and sound technician who have over 40 years’ experience between them. Coupled with a recording studio full of some of the best voiceover artists around and you can see how we’ve established ourselves as a leading producer of cutting-edge European mp3 city guides.

But please don't just take our word for it; have a look around the website and listen for yourself. Click here for an overview of the new and different types of mp3 city guides that we’ve produced to date.


Corporate Partnerships with StrollOn

Our services

Please contact us at if you believe that your customers would benefit from our unique audio experiences, but before you get in touch here’s an idea of the services that we’re offering our corporate customers:

Commissions and sponsorship – Sponsor an existing product and distribute it to your customers, adding a customised “audio signature” or introduction to the guide. Alternatively, since we produce all our digital audio packages in house, we can sit down and plan brand-specific content with you, tailor-making new audio downloads to suit your target market. Audio has become a highly effective new media marketing tool and we’d be delighted to show you how and why.

Affiliations and partnerships – But if you’re not 100% sure about the power of this new communications medium then we can start slow. Ask for an icon or banner and position it on your website. We’ll supply a coded link from the icon or banner through to the relevant audio guide on our website or a specially designed microsite. From this we can monitor the resulting downloads, enabling us to share the results on a monthly basis. Using these figures we then can plan the next step when you’re ready.

Translations and other routes to market - All our audio experiences can be translated into any foreign language. Depending on the language and culture we’ll make the necessary changes to our digital content to suit your consumer market. There are so many different routes to market, all of which we’ll discuss when you’re ready.

Help us:

Our aim is to match the expectations of a new generation of city sightseer. This growing community of travellers needs access to relevant, accessible and entertaining information in a variety of different formats and it's our aim to provide them with exactly this. So if you’ve got any new ideas that you want to discuss, get in touch with us at

StrollOn’s range of mp3 audio city guides are the best way to see a city – we’ve tried them, we know.


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